Sunday, May 28, 2023

McNamara Field (KGOV)

McNamara Field (a.k.a. Grayling Army Airfield) is a joint use military/civilian field, and is fully open to civil aviation at all times.  No prior coordination nor permission is required.

The control tower and Class D surface area are effective on a part-time basis.  When the tower is closed or is only providing VFR advisories, airspace is Class E surface area. See the A/FD and NOTAMs for current tower operating hours.  Approaching the airspace, call the tower frequency first before using CTAF.

Runway 5/23 is currently closed in winter, but that may change in the future.  Check NOTAMs.

The instrument approaches are:

  •    RNAV (GPS) RWY 14
  •    VOR RWY 14
  •    NDB RWY 14

At present, the taxiways are not lighted, so exercise extra caution at night.  Taxiway F to the GA facility has reflectors.

All civil traffic is to proceed to the Crawford County Air Terminal (General Aviation Facility) located at the north end of the field.  The GA taxiway (Taxiway F) joins runway 5/23 at the northeast end, at the departure end of runway 5.  Taxiway A also joins the runway at this point, from the south.

Restricted Areas

The airfield is in close proximity to three restricted areas:  R4201A, R4201B, and R4202.  Please refer to your charts and to current NOTAMs to avoid violation.

Winter Operations

Snowstorms and heavy snowshowers are common in northern Michigan during winter and can result in unexpected accumulations on runways and taxiways.  Also, some degree of accumulated ice (usually patchy) on movement surfaces is common.  Pilots should use caution and diligence in planning and operating.  Careful checking of weather conditions and forecasts, as well as NOTAMs, is important.  Pilots should also contact Flight Watch for in-flight updates to see if new information including NOTAMs is available, and always have alternate plans and extra fuel. 

View of the airfield looking to the southwest.  The GA facility is at lower right.